How to clean an Apple keyboard?

meoldchina, Apr 10, 4:03am
I have a white, wired Apple keyboard and the keys are very dirty. What is the best way of cleaning it?

nzgunnie, Apr 10, 4:09am
Dish washer.

suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 4:20am
Compressed air is good to get the dirt and crumbs out of the keys.

Otherwise I'd just use a very damp cloth and wipe it down. Make sure it's unplugged, leave it to dry, then use as normal.

If the keys are very dirty, rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs do the trick.

mgc54, Mar 4, 4:17pm
Agree with suicidemonkey. Isopropyl Alcohol ( small bottles from the chemist) and cotton buds.
Make sure your PC is TURNED OFF. Random keystrokes can occur if you try and clean it while its on.

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