My File (photo) Is Too Big To Upload - Fix please

My file (photo) is too big to upload to trademe. How can I resolve this please?

geek_carter441, May 24, 4:35 pm

What is your operating system . ie, win7 win8?

geek_therafter1, May 24, 4:39 pm

Windows 8.1

geek_carter441, May 24, 4:40 pm

Google "how to compress photos"

geek_suicidemonkey, May 24, 4:40 pm

The numbers usually suggest that the download is reliable.


geek_therafter1, May 24, 4:44 pm

Can you open it in Paint? That's what I do, and then go to 'resize' and follow the directions. For uploading to eg Trade Me, I find 800 pixils is good, can probably make it bigger but that's enough.

geek_venna2, May 24, 4:52 pm

Just use Greenshot. So simple and easy to use.

Once you have used this you will wonder why you persevered with all of the other options.

geek_kew, Oct 22, 5:15 pm

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