Restoring to factory defaults, low memory warning

bobinnz, May 14, 8:20am
I have an acer laptop running windows 7 which I did a factory default restore on. Now I get a low memory warning and the computer is very slow. Then tries to download windows up dates and freezes completely. Any help before it goes out the window please.

r.g.nixon, May 14, 8:23am
Windows updates will do that. Depending how far you went back, it could be slow for days now. Leave it apparently frozen - the updates may be progressing without any visible indication.

bobinnz, May 14, 8:31am
Went back to factory settings(original) Left frozen for 3 days nothing going on. More worried about the low memory warning as this seems to slow everything including the updates.

king1, May 14, 8:36am
have you installed an AV without removing mcafee - ie you have both AV running

Try safemode with networking see if that behaves better Try HDsentinel and see what it says about the HDD. Might have been dodgy in the first place

neich, May 14, 8:38am
can you not install a hard drive on it, gives you more memory, had that done a few years back. I hope I have used to correct words. not a computer person, always call for help when something goes wrong!

skin1235, May 14, 8:47am
if it is currently frozen you have 2 choices, leave it until it unfreezes, or turn it off and restart it
when you restart it go to security and disable updates
restart it again
then run memtest

low memory is usually a cooked ram chip, memtest will tell you

once that has been done and remedied you can turn the updates back on -(if you wish, I have never bothered, the machine runs fine without them

bwg11, May 14, 9:54am
I did this successfully on the one I am currently selling. i recollect there were 2 options, Restore preserving user data, and restore to "out of the box state" losing all user data. I did the second, after the restore there there was over 500 MB of updates to down load and install. This took over an hour. If it matters, the OS was Windows 7 Home premium, 64 bit.

I would suspect your problem may be bad memory.

bwg11, May 14, 10:12am
Just another thought, have you set all the BIOS settings to their default values?

ross1970, May 14, 10:42am
Geez start at the beginning, reboot, turn OFF windows updates, taskmanager look at whats actually using memory, and also look for memory leaks.

bobinnz, Nov 25, 2:21pm
Thanx for the info but it means nothing to me. I was born BC (Before Computers). Can turn off windows updates. Can turn on taskmanager and there it ends.

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