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hi there currently have had my sky for last 3 years and now not watching TV as much as it's worth so going to get Freeview. What's a good option to get that will work with sky dish or will I have to get a uhf aerial for hd

geek_inkapuka, Jun 29, 9:35 pm

Sky aerial cable from dish plugs directly into freeview box. I may be wrong but are there two types of freeview boxes? One for a dish aerial and one for a UHF aerial.

geek_grb235, Jun 29, 9:48 pm

Just need to get a satellite set top box to replace the MySky box.
Satellite is SD only. You will have to install a UHF aerial if you want HD.

Have a look at the NZ Freeview site

geek_sparkyz, Jun 29, 9:50 pm

There are two types of Freeview boxes, but if you have a late model digital TV you may not need a box if you have a UHF aerial.

geek_sparkyz, Jun 29, 9:53 pm

Oh so my Samsung smart TV means I won't need to buy a box but maybe only a uhf for hd?

geek_inkapuka, Jun 29, 10:27 pm

If you are in the UHF coverage area, (check your UHF availability on the Freeview website - enter your address here: ), and you have a TV set with built-in UHF Freeview capability, then all you need is an efficient UHF aerial and coax feeder to receive all of the UHF (including available HD) channels. If you are not in the UHF coverage area, then unfortunately you are restricted to receiving satellite Freeview which is SD only. For this you will need to purchase a satellite receiver decoder from one of the many suppliers. e.g. or one of your local appliance stores. You will be able to use your current dish and coax to feed the box.

(If you happen to have one of the very latest TV sets which has both satellite and UHF receivers built-in, then you can plug your dish coax directly into the satellite receiver antenna input.)

[The Freeview site says UHF coverage in Otautau is 'Unlikely', so you are probably limited to the satellite option.]

geek_tmenz, Jun 30, 8:38 am

So if I buy a my sky aerial to a normal aerial adapter I might get away with no box

geek_inkapuka, Jun 30, 3:17 pm

There is no such thing as a Satellite to UHF adapter, they are different. One is pointing at a satellite in space, the other to a big antenna on a hill somewhere.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 30, 3:55 pm

The Samsung smart TV probably tunes to Satellite as well as UHF.

geek_chito, Jun 30, 4:11 pm

It may do, but that is not a given.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 30, 5:09 pm

No I'm meaning the little tiny 3$ thing that plugs into back of TV and screwes into the end of the mysky cord that rinds to the dish one end its threaded and other has a pin that goes into tv

geek_inkapuka, Jun 30, 5:32 pm

At the focus of the dish is an electronic device called the 'LNB' which converts and amplifies satellite signals into a form which can be sent along coaxial cable.
Power for this electronics is derived from the satellite receiver connected to the mains. I do not imagine manufacturers of TV equipment would be generous enough to build this supply (at cost) just incase someone wanted to connect their television directly to the satellite dish. If the TV is the latest flavour of set, containing a satellite receiver, this will be so, you have not said. You would be trying to use the cable as an aerial.

geek_ians2, Jun 30, 5:46 pm

My TV is only 16 months old paid 3k for it its model number is ua55f7100am

geek_inkapuka, Jun 30, 6:29 pm

Only UHF Tuner on that model. so you will need a separate Satellite Receiver if you want to use your Sky Dish and you will only get SD, not HD, but a lot of people can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080 anyway.

geek_d.snell, Jun 30, 6:48 pm

I have 'GOOGLED' that particular set as I am not familiar with it and it does appear that it is not equipped with a satellite receiver.
An external DVB-S receiver or an UHF aerial, if you are in the coverage area, would be required to get a signal.

geek_ians2, Jun 30, 6:54 pm

The short answer is NO!
If a TV set has a Satellite receiver built-in, as well as a Terrestrial UHF receiver, then the Satellite receiver antenna input will be a screw-on 'F' type connector like the dish coax outlet and will not need an adapter, whilst the Terrestrial UHF receiver antenna input will be a push-in Belling/Lee coax connector as normally found on a TV set.

geek_tmenz, Jun 30, 11:08 pm

The Samsung UA48H6400 has both Satellite and Terrestrial tuners.

geek_tmenz, Jun 30, 11:17 pm

So if u buy a cheap box should be sweet to run of dish

geek_inkapuka, Jul 1, 8:24 pm

Yes, should bolt straight in - in place of your SKY box - same connections.
You may need to set some parameters such as local oscillator frequency, depending on your LNB and do a complete channel scan, but you should be then good to go.

geek_tmenz, Jul 2, 9:09 am

So now today they have just announced Freeview Plus.

Does anyone know yet if you now have to go out and buy a new box to get this feature? Also it seems to say it runs off UHF Aerial, so does this mean if you run it from a Freeview dish you can't get it.

geek_speights40, Jul 2, 9:45 am

yea we are due to replace our terrestrial uhf box in our bedroom, and I see the new freeview plus has come out so will buy one of those boxes. you need the different freeviewPLUS box as it connects to your home wifi / internet so you can use the ondemand tv watching. i think it is only for uhf not satellite

geek_mdread, Jul 2, 10:04 am

Well that's a bit of a rip off for anyone that has recently just bought a dish and a dish box.

geek_speights40, Jul 2, 10:27 am

Freeview Plus box is about $150 according to a post today on

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 2, 10:47 am

I got the wife to buy one today noel leeming about $150. I thought it was strange in past week that the shops here didnt have stock of any of the cheaper standard uhf boxes, now I know why.

geek_mdread, Jul 2, 10:51 am

Yea that sucks, maybe they dont do it with satellite boxes yet as there is more demand for the HD uhf boxes? I would be more annoed if i had bought a new tv recently and didnt know to wait until the tvs have it built in

geek_mdread, Jul 2, 10:56 am

I have basic Sky with MySky and it's perfect for me. It's about $62/month all up.

geek_curlybear446, Jun 26, 10:29 pm

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