Recommended ISP

dm.upcycling001, May 23, 7:04am
Looking to move from Orcon, found the connection unreliable and much slower than advertised. Any recommendations? Need unlimited and landline also

r.g.nixon, May 23, 8:00am
Connection issues are like to be Chorus's area. Have you had Orcon look at your router logs?

brucie44, May 23, 8:15am
Always had a good run from Slingshot, at a good price.

finfang, May 23, 9:22am
Highly recommend Snap internet, changed to them from Telecom recently, 1st class service.

mattnzw, May 23, 9:34am
Orcon = Slingshot, as both are now owned by same parent. So it really shouldn't be much different.

trade_menow, May 23, 12:37pm
truenet reports that snap have the fastest connection speeds

spyware, Oct 23, 10:07pm
Probably because it is slower than advertised because of a fault. Changing ISP will be pointless as all Chorus infrastructure.

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