Opinions on chromecast versus smart tv

I have a smart tv and was wondering whether using google chromecast instead of hdmi cable would be better for streaming from laptop to tv. ie would it be easier for a not so pc savey person to use? cheers

geek_ova50, Aug 13, 11:24 am

If your Smart TV is truly smart, then it should be DLNA compatible, negating the need for a Chromecast. There are a few methods to enable DLNA media streaming from your laptop: http://www.howtogeek.com/215400/how-to-turn-your-computer-into-a-dlna-media-server/

Provide the make and model of your TV, laptop and modem/router and we may be able to provide a more accurate recommendation.

geek_lostdude, Aug 13, 8:57 pm

With the windows 10 update, a new app appeared - 'Film and Tv'. This casts my video to my LG smart TV perfectly!
ETA, this is for video files on your pc not streaming from elsewhere - hope that helps.

geek_nzmu, Aug 14, 6:24 am

Same with anything dlna, It's only for locally stored content. Chromecasts are great for streaming.

geek_ross1970, Aug 14, 8:28 am

Found my chromecast to be virtually useless.

I have much better results casting directly from my phone to either a Samsung smart blue ray player or a similar Sony blue ray device.

geek_pestri, Aug 14, 9:34 am

Chromecasts are OK, but not much supports them, some smartphones and tablets will allow screen mirroring, but ive found the youtube app the most useful with them in this regard, or if you have a laptop, using google chrome, you are also able to screen mirror the browser.

Roku boxes and android TV are a much better option.

geek_nzoomed, Aug 14, 9:43 am

I found my chromecast easy once I downloaded the allcast app. I can now stream anything I like to my tv

geek_buzzy86, Aug 14, 9:45 am

Love my chromecasts

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Aug 15, 6:49 pm

geek_wayne416, Feb 17, 4:04 am

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