Best Way to Connect Laptop to External Monitor

austinchamp, Apr 26, 11:52pm
I am wanting to connect a Dell Latitude E6420 to an external monitor and to separate speakers and would prefer digital rather than analogue video if possible. The laptop runs Win7 and has HDMI and VGA ports and audio out. The monitor has VGA and DVI ports but at present only a DVI cable.

Would I be able to put a male HDMI to female DVI adaptor on the end of the cable to plug into the laptop and get video to the monitor? If I do that, will it automatically over-ride the audio too so I can't use the separate speakers? Do I need to change any settings anywhere?

I guess I can always use VGA and separate audio if necessary but would like digital if I can, and my monitor does not have speakers. Any advice appreciated, thanks, as I'm not very electronics savvy.

jizah, Apr 27, 2:20am
Yes that adapter will work. You can use separate speakers, you just need to check that your sound settings aren't set to HDMI sound output.

hazelmajor, Apr 27, 2:31am
Thanks, that's encouraging. Please can you tell me where to go to check sound settings and change them if necessary. I'm not very good with Win7 stuff.

hazelmajor, Apr 27, 2:34am
Just so it doesn't look confusing I'm checking replies to partner's original query and neither of us has much of a clue.

jizah, Apr 29, 9:56am
Sorry, missed this. You can click the sound icon in your task bar by the clock. Then device mixer.

austinchamp, Apr 30, 7:06am
Thanks very much.

lostdude, Dec 27, 3:02am
Proper direction is

1. Plug in the DVI cable with HDMI adapter into both the laptop and monitor
2. Check you have a picture on the external monitor
3. Then Right Click the speaker icon on the taskbar and click "Playback Devices".
4. Check that the HDMI connection is not set to default (you can tell by a green tick on the icon). If it is, highlight the laptops audio device and click "Set default"
5. Play a media file (video file preferably) to test

NB. this will forever set the laptops audio device as default when plugging in an HDMI cable, even if you connect your laptop to another external monitor or TV via the HDMI port.

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