Need help with windows 10 Please?

Downloaded it 3 days ago. Its slow to connect to websites but my main cannot get into, is facebook games. I keep getting "the connection is timed out or problem loading page. Can anyone tell me what I need to do so I dont pull anymore hair out please?

geek_herbiem, Aug 5, 9:39 am

mine is all good. the only thing i can see is my chat friends are no longer there down right hand side of facebook page.

geek_may321, Aug 5, 10:03 am

Mine is good though I don't play games, everything else is quick as it was before. Though in saying that, the first few hours were slow on the internet. Possibly in your case the operating system is still doing updates. You could check this.

geek_jhan, Aug 6, 10:08 am

You will find the first thing Win 10 does is start downloading OneDrive which is over 460mb

If you have a slow connection this will affect what you are doing

geek_ntalke, Aug 6, 10:52 am

I used to use windows defender before but now I've updated to windows 10 it says its been switched off. How do I switch this back on?

geek_prc1000, Aug 6, 11:03 am

windows defender, settings, update and security is where i turned mine on

geek_shazpetal, Aug 6, 1:41 pm

That doesn't work for me but thanks. Everything is not highlighted

geek_prc1000, Mar 20, 11:18 am

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