Excuse my ignorance.

mareemc, Mar 10, 6:44am
Im looking at buying a second hand laptop for my daughter from TM. An auction in watching says " Comes with Windows XP Professional Licence Key". What does this mean please? Does it mean I have to load the operating system? Auction finishes soon so havent got time to ask question on auction

king1, Mar 10, 6:46am
It may or may not mean that, one would think it is preinstalled for you if they are providing the license key.

However, XP is old and unsupported by MS now, not receiving any security updates either.

mareemc, Mar 10, 6:49am
Thank you. If I do have to. is it difficult to do?

king1, Mar 10, 6:58am
The important question would be whether it has the licenses Certificate of Authenticity sticker. That is really key to the windows license legitimacy

Anyways I might be more concerned about the four unanswered questions.

mareemc, Mar 10, 6:59am
yeah im a little worried. although he hasnt been online today

r.g.nixon, Mar 10, 7:15am
Could be OK as long as it doesn't go for over $100.

r.g.nixon, Mar 10, 7:18am
Nice machine. Good and solid. I use one (isn't mine). Could go for $200-$300 though.

mareemc, Mar 10, 7:18am
Yes its only for 12 year old to muck about on

alaine4, Mar 10, 7:25pm
mareemc 12 year olds do not muck around.

hakatere1, Mar 10, 8:37pm
You are aware of this joker's fb aye?

king1, Mar 10, 8:56pm
The guy should stop doing 1$ reserves - seems to me all the bad feedback are on auctions that he didn't make any money on

trade4us2, May 19, 5:07am
Put Ubuntu on it. It's free. My grandson has no problem using Ubuntu.

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