Access to xtramail on Samsung Galaxy Tab3

Is anyone else having a problem accessing their xtra mail through the yahoo server on their tablet? I rang xtra/spark and all they said was it was an incompatibility issue between xtramail and the tablet but it was all fine until late morning. He suggested I clear my browser history on the tablet and I ha edone that but no change.

geek_g14us, Jun 20, 8:51 pm

Please has anyone else got this problem - and how do I solve it?

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 9:41 am

you haven't actually said what the problem is - symptoms, error messages etc all useful information

geek_king1, Jun 21, 10:08 am

the error message is "Unrecognised element 'page-header' line 3: "
This comes up after I have logged into xtramail. I put in the email address and the password click and this is what I get

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 10:20 am

It is not the Wi-Fi connection because the desktop is wireless and working ok and anyhow I can access Trade Me and the Newspapers ok on the tablet. It is only accessing xtramail that I have the problem with.

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 10:25 am

try clearing the browser cache and data in settings apps browser (chrome?)

maybe try another browser and see if it does the same

geek_king1, Jun 21, 10:30 am

I have cleared browser history and everything else but no better. Umm, not sure i know how to change browser - more to the point I didn't realise you could change browser on a Samsung galaxy tablet. I am using chrome. I will need to go hunting to see what other browser I can try and how

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 1:01 pm

have just installed Firefox for Android but still the same problem. Can access Trade Me, Stuff, The Herald but not xtramail

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 1:13 pm

Try on another device.

geek_wayne416, Jun 21, 1:57 pm

Can access xtramail ok on desktop and on smartphone which is also samsung

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 2:14 pm

Have you tried restarting?

geek_wayne416, Jun 21, 2:19 pm

are you using the same browser on teh tablet and phone ? and the same verison of the browser ?

geek_nice_lady, Jun 21, 2:20 pm

Yes restarted the tablets and even turned the modem completely off to restart that although it seemed unlikely that that was the problem. I would put it down to a faulty tablet but that also seems unlikely to be the cause as we have two identical tablets. One is about 15 months old and the other a month or two less and I really find it hard to believe that both would have developed the same fault at the same time.

geek_g14us, Jun 21, 3:10 pm

long shot but you could try changing the dns server to google. I often find Sparks DNS servers lacking

geek_king1, Jun 21, 3:15 pm

Thanks for that suggestion king1. I am not sure I would trust myself with doing something like that but I shall put it on stand bye and if i can't get any answers from xtra or samsung on Monday I may have to venture into unkown territory !

geek_g14us, Aug 3, 9:24 pm

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