How do yoy open attachment

I had one sent to me but can't open it. It says my security won't allow it to open. I have tried to change it but I still can't get in. any idea what to do?

geek_connors, Feb 20, 9:09 pm

If your security or anti virus wont let you open it then obviously it contains a virus or malware

geek_newbie5, Feb 20, 9:52 pm

Forward it to someone who is computer savvy, to check.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 10:02 pm

what email progy r u using? the problem will b with you security setting. change them and u will b fine tell me what progy u use and ill tell u how to kill the security junk

geek_frogycrzy, Jul 16, 9:57 pm

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