"Internet Explorer has stopped working"

donna23, Mar 10, 4:47pm
When I click on an item to read on "Stuff", the article shows but almost immediately the above message comes up, also says Windows will close the programme & notify if a solution is found. Sometimes it just does it once and the article can be read-other times just goes in a loop and nothing can be opened, any advice from someone who knows? I am a total technophobe! Thanks

r.g.nixon, Mar 10, 7:25pm
First question: Are you on Windows XP, or a newer Windows?

king1, Mar 10, 7:30pm

r.g.nixon, Mar 10, 8:14pm
Or Firefox for its superiority, and if you don't like the evil Google.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 12:16am
FF with multiple tabs open takes less memory than Chrome.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 12:24am

newbie5, Mar 11, 3:33am
You can have Google as a home page on any browser

newbie5, Mar 11, 3:34am
It is still miles better than IE and safer

mr-word, Mar 11, 4:35am
Internet explorer has stopped being developed for XP or Vista.

lugee, Mar 11, 10:03am
Nah not these days. Take a modern Ultrabook for example. Watching a Youtube video in Chrome gives you half the battery life as the same video in IE. Firefox is only about 75% as good as IE for battery.

Source: XPS 13 on Windows 8.1

Both Chrome and Firefox have become really slow and bloated, and use way too much CPU.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 10:07am
Interesting, for those who use batteries.
Anyone tried Vivaldi (is it out yet?)

namtak, Mar 13, 5:25am
"Internet Explorer has stopped working"

Can't help but think that's a plus. Plenty of other browsers available that will do the job better.

ford_transit, Mar 15, 3:20am
yep certainly good news. Dump the bloody thing and get Firefox

newbie5, Mar 16, 6:15am
For someone who is supposed to be a computer expert you dont know much about browsers do you.you can get Google on whatever browser you are using.

king1, Mar 16, 8:05am
just maybe he was referring to the company?

r.g.nixon, May 15, 10:17am
Of course.

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