Have to keep moving mouse to load page.

mac-d, Apr 11, 3:25am
I have a fairly old computer and recently have found that I have to keep moving the mouse or the page will not load. I would be grateful if anyone might be able to give me any ideas on what the problem could be.

Thank you so much

project_nine, Apr 11, 3:35am
Have you tried turning the computer on and off again? This should clear any running processes and memory.

Have you installed any new programs recently?

newbie5, Apr 11, 3:37am
clear all your history

mac-d, Apr 11, 3:40am
I have been away for 4 months. it was doing it before I left and the computer was off all that time. When I came back and turned it on, it was still doing the same.

king1, Feb 28, 10:11pm
try running adwcleaner through it - scan & clean

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