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nzoomed, Mar 29, 10:36pm
Why people dont remember their passwords IDK, but i thought it would be a simple password hack on this Windows 8 machine, but i cant find any way to make this system switch over to a local account from a Microsoft account and i dont think its possible to do this without logging into windows which of course we cant do.
I would have thought it was a simple registry hack, but i cant find any information on this.
But to top it off this person has so far been unsuccessful in resetting the Microsoft password through their website.

ceebee2, Mar 29, 10:38pm
PC or Laptop. either way removing the cmos battery for an hour should do it.

nzoomed, Mar 29, 11:11pm
Its a laptop, not that this really matters tiddly squat.
Im going to try MSDaRT and see what locksmith does, but i expect this wont allow me to switch to local, if it was possible to add a second local account that i could log in with i would be home and hose.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 11:16pm
Which step are they running into problems with when attempting to reset the MS account?

nzoomed, Mar 29, 11:39pm
I dont think she can remember enough info, her recovery email address and phone number are no longer used.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 11:46pm
There is software to force your way in, but I'm not going to link to anything because I don't know which options are kosher and which have the potential to cause further headaches.

nzoomed, Mar 30, 12:19am
You can tell me, ive made a system backup and am not some sort of idiot.
I want to know what i can use for future use on machines.
these programs claim to bypass, but im not going to purchase them to find out if they work or not:

Ive always used the Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor in the past, on anything pre-windows8 but the annoying thing is that the computer has a local account on there, i just cant get the machine to log into it because its wanting to use the microsoft account, im not even wanting to hack into the microsoft account, i just want to change to the local account which is already there.

nzoomed, Mar 30, 1:16am
Ive managed to use the stickykeys hack and add a a seperate administrator account. I wish there was a way to disconnect the microsoft account from the other user, offline password changer even shows the local account but in windows it says its a microsoft account, there must be a simple registry change to do this, but i know its possible to migrate data from other user profiles into a new one, as ive done this several times with corrupt ones, but have never tried this in win8

I hate these stupid microsoft accounts, ive seen similar problems when users cant log in if there is no internet connection and then it says please log in with your local (old) account and since they have a different password for the microsoft account they typically have forgotten what their old local account password was.

king1, Mar 30, 3:26am
I strike this on the odd occasion and find that if I walk them through the account recovery/reset form, they tend to remember a bit more about the account than they would if they are doing it on there own.
I guess because they don't understand the process.

mrfxit, Mar 30, 4:03am
LOL yea just seen that happening here on a customers Win8.1
If the BB cable isn't connected, the flippin thing won't let me logon

nzoomed, Mar 30, 4:15am
Yes i think if i can jog his memory we could be able to reset the jolly thing, he doesnt use the app store and i dont see any need for a microsoft account. Its only been used for logging into the computer and the outlook email address has not even been used.

Ive moved everything over to a newly created local account, so its his worry now to reset the password!

mrfxit, Mar 30, 4:16am
Another great reason to avoid Win8 /8.1

nzoomed, Mar 30, 4:18am
Yes, i hate it with a passion!

emmerson1, Mar 31, 7:57am
Is it possible to log in as admin under the safe boot option like on previous versions of windows?

d.snell, Mar 31, 8:10am
Win8 will still connect to the internet wirelessly before it gets to the MS account password screen.
Also, the recover password process through windows live allows you to talk to MS support and answer a zillion questions and they will reset it if they can establish you are who you are supposed to be.
I really like the MS account system as it allows you to sync all your devices running win8. Just changed notebooks and logged in on the new one with my MS account, and presto, all email accounts, app purchases and other settings are updated.

nzoomed, Mar 31, 10:10am
Not that im aware of, perhaps with the professional edition, but TBH, ive never tried.
When i was in safe mode, it was still forcing me to log in with the microsoft account.

nzoomed, Mar 31, 10:13am
That part of it can be quite good, but i hate metro apps and have never found a use for any, only really useful on tablets. Anyway, thats all the MS account should be used for - importing contacts, and apps etc. It shouldnt be used as a means to log in to your computer.

timberman, Mar 31, 10:26am
Hirens boot disk will let you change pass words

d.snell, Mar 31, 8:28pm
Well if you hate the Metro Apps and the metro scheme and are "old school" and just using the desktop, then "yes", a MS account is no real advantage to you and you can use a local account. But, that doesn't mean those who are forward thinking and have embraced the Metro Screen are wrong and should not use it.
It's different strokes for different folks and everyone is entitled to their opinion, yours is just yours, not necessarily others.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 8:52pm
Most desktop computers don't have wireless connection.
Laptops yes of course.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 8:53pm
Fair enough, but not so sure about your concept of "forward thinking"

nzoomed, Mar 31, 9:27pm
You still dont get where im coming from, i dont see the issue with the microsoft account, but it should not be used for logging in to your system, it should only be used for keeping your apps and contacts etc all in sync.

d.snell, Mar 31, 10:05pm
But you don't have to use the MS account if you don't want to. Just use the local account. Those who want to use the MS account can choose to do so if they want. It's not up to you to say they can't. Why should someone who wants to use the MS account be required to log in twice every time they want to use their computer? Which is what you are saying, isn't it?

mrfxit, Mar 31, 10:56pm
If I have this right, the MS account logon is a default requirement at 1st install or at least the most prominent account to use

king1, Mar 31, 10:58pm
Don't hold back.

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