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leelee79, May 4, 5:46am
im unsure of the legalities of watching movies online, not down loading ,just streaming. can any body help thanks

ryanm2, May 4, 5:49am
of course its illegal. Jaywalking is illegal too but we all do that.

r.g.nixon, May 4, 5:51am
Jaywalking is not an offense in NZ.

leelee79, May 4, 6:01am
ok thanks, did not know it was illegal

tintop, May 4, 6:35am
I bet you $10 to a stolen Gideons that it is illegal

farside03, May 4, 7:07am
Yes, Illegal but utterly unenforceable.

schizoid, May 4, 11:51am
In Europe it is legal to stream movies, as long as you are not making a copy of it. With a quick google it appears to be the same in NZ.

So no, it is not illegal.

kieran211, May 4, 12:10pm
If you're not making a 'copy' ie streaming and not saving a file to disk, then I don't see how this would be classified as illegal under NZ law.

From my understanding, what would be illegal is being the one responsible for serving the streamed media.

doggitt, May 4, 1:11pm
To watch a streamed movie you must download it as it play.

frogycrzy, May 4, 2:13pm
try Netflix that's if you want to see rubbish crap stuff

cafc2012, May 6, 6:08am
If you are watching something you don't have the legal right to watch, you breacking a civil law or contract, including, quite possibly the terms and conditions of your internet provider. You may also be breaching copyritght law, as streaming is deemed to be making a copy for copyright purpose (this is being tested in the courts right now) and finally if you are 'importing' someting that is deemed 'objectionalable' you are committing a criminal offence. So it kind of depends. Illegal is at the high end of the scalem with a lot of lesser naughtiness in between,

ryanm2, May 7, 9:00am
so , 12 posts later, no one actually knows.

suicidemonkey, May 7, 9:08am
Streaming is downloading, just temporarily.

And are you asking if watching movies for free is illegal? Of course it is. Unless the copyright/rights holder allows you to.

Will you get caught? Probably not.

Are you putting people in the media industry like myself out of business? Remains to be seen.

suicidemonkey, May 7, 9:10am
That FAQ is related specifically to the 3 Strikes law. It does not cover existing laws, in which streaming movies is illegal outside of legit services like Netflix.

suicidemonkey, May 7, 1:28pm
That doesn't make it legal. The law doesn't say "if it doesn't save permanently to your hard drive, it's fine to watch movies for free".

Streaming is still downloading. People seem to think the definition of downloading is "saving to my computer". But in actual fact, ANY content you view on the web is downloaded to your computer, even if just cached temporarily.

black-heart, May 7, 8:22pm
Nobody has ever been charged, let alone convicted for copyright infringement in NZ for watching streams.
If you are wanting a legal opinion, thats reliable ask a lawyer (HAH!) technicians are terrible at law.

intrade, May 7, 8:27pm
tell me something that is not illegal in this country apart from giving every cent to the government .
Now technically its only illegal to upload pirated stuff that is what it was based on when i last looked and if you dont use windows and use private browsing and adblock plus you can navigate them free sites whom stream movies no problem

suicidemonkey, May 8, 4:01am

mr-word, May 8, 10:00am
Is it illegal to watchmovies on putlocker or not ?

No it is not technically illegal unless the content is illegal i.e Pedophilia, Bestiality, snuff films or not classified by Nz censorship office. The site is not dmca or complaint with United States copyright law. But you won't be put in jail or fined for viewing it.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 10:54am
No you won't be fined for watching it but it doesn't mean it's not illegal to do it. It doesn't matter what the site is compliment with - it's the content you're watching.

If I make a video and a website publishes it for viewing without my permission, that's a breach of copyright.

doggitt, May 8, 10:32pm
Not saving is irrelevant.

doggitt, May 8, 10:34pm
So it is technically illegal but you most likely won't get into trouble. I think that is what you are trying to say.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 10:58pm
Pretty much

black-heart, May 9, 9:19am
I've watched free movies all my life (well before the internet was available to me) without ever requesting copyright holders permission. Gosh what an evil child I was video taping movies on TV and watching them over and over, and lending them to friends.

mr-word, May 10, 4:58am
I use to record music off the radio onto audio cassette and record tv series off tv onto vhs and download mp3s off Napster.

Free to air television has ruined movies by putting so much advertising into them tvnz can only milk it for so long. While I have bought movies on dvd I prefer downloading.

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