Presario won't boot

mouse_y, Apr 11, 1:23am
A friend has asked me to look at his lappy (Win7)
When it's turned on the message reads 'No Bootable Device . Insert disc etc'
There is no disc to boot from, and a diagnostics test didn't fully complete (full¿)

Is the hd fried . or is there another way to boot without using the disc?

r.g.nixon, Apr 11, 1:32am
You can boot from any bootable thumb drive, CD or DVD.

wayne416, Apr 11, 1:45am
Could try unplugging, remove battery, hold power button down for 60 seconds, refit battery and try again.

mouse_y, Apr 11, 2:01am
There's no option to boot from USB

mouse_y, Apr 11, 2:04am
Cheers Wayne . no joy :(

king1, Apr 11, 3:04am
try removing the HDD and reseating it, maybe the contacts on it are dodgy, otherwise you will need to remove it and test on another PC or possibly even boot up a live CD and test HDD that way.

Get into a quiet space and listen to the laptop around the keyboard area - repetitive tapping/clicking sounds are generally bad news

mouse_y, Feb 28, 9:22am
Cheers for that . tried reseating and can't test it elsewhere
i fear bad news

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