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Ok my broadband is now really slow in the evenings to the point I can hardly connect. Photos won't load and pages time out etc. in the mornings it's fine. Could it be my old spark Thomson modem? If so, could I use an Orcon Genius modem a friend gave me? I have restarted the modem many times. I have no idea where to get a firmware upgrade as the pages are timing out before I can see any information. Any ideas of what to do next appreciated :). If I need to buy a whole new modem are there any people can recommend?

geek_cake4, Aug 4, 8:58 pm

What did Flip say when you spoke to them about it?

geek_datoofairy, Aug 4, 9:01 pm

The online chat for support said they were sales.
So I rang them and took 2 hours to connect (lots engaged signals), finally got through to spend 25 min on hold before being automatically cut off at 7pm which is their support line shut down time.

So they haven't said anything yet :)

I'm frustrated as this has been happening a lot over the last month.

I have emailed them so hopefully will hear something over the next few days.

geek_cake4, Aug 4, 9:04 pm

Lots of Flip customers are experiencing the same issue. See here: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=147&topicid=177182

geek_utwo, Aug 4, 9:11 pm

Ah thanks!

geek_cake4, Aug 4, 9:16 pm

i dont know but the cable is only so big out of the country so if all use loads of data thru fiber cable then we end like auckland traffic in a jam and we drop off the net . extreemly frustrating if your on a slow adsl connection anyhow.
i noticed since snap was sold to 2 degrees that the net seems to crawl at random times then speed up again. i have no fixed times expirience. but i never ever had any slowdown issues with snap even in the earthquake in christ church as snap was a chch based isp it stayed connected and the same speed 1mb + - for my rural line back in snaps time.

geek_intrade, Aug 5, 7:18 am

somone posted that now winblows boogs down everyones internet to distribute updates for new winblows crap. So that could be what causes traffic bottle necks when all these machines start to use full capacity of there line non stop all at once.

geek_intrade, Aug 5, 7:29 am

yeah that's a good point. I just hope that they can work out what it is and not just blame the modems etc (there are many of us it seems so we cant all have modems failing at once). heres hoping we get a solution :)

geek_cake4, Aug 5, 7:57 am

I suspect it's due to the extra loading from ex Woosh customers who were switched to Flip.
I am disappointed as I have been with Flip for a few years now and had no problems until now. I am also finding it slow and timing out. I may have to look at other options.

geek_lyingnun, Aug 5, 11:08 am

nothing else to add? lol

geek_cake4, Aug 5, 8:22 pm

Got no problems with flip going good is yours WiFi have you tried to connect a cable to the modem to download

geek_nichen, Aug 5, 9:15 pm

Yes have my laptop connected to the modem via a cable. It was just as bad. The connection was fine earlier this evening but has just dropped off again. Thank goodness for 3G!

geek_cake4, Aug 5, 9:50 pm

Yeah, they're having problems alright. Of course, help desk knows nothing about it when you contact them and says all is fine at their end.

geek_utwo, Aug 5, 10:12 pm

I received a reply to my email today. Flip say that they fixed the issues as of midday today so hopefully all is smooth sailing from now on :D Its all good so far here tonight too so looking good!

geek_cake4, Aug 6, 6:23 pm

flip ? woosh contracts were sold to slingshot.

geek_velenski, Aug 7, 5:42 pm


Same company_ slingshot and flip

geek_lilyfield, Mar 16, 5:18 am

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