How to Recharge this?

trogedon, May 5, 3:49am
Here is my transponder for cycle racing. Apparently we have to recharge it occasionally. What do I plug it into?

cat286, May 5, 3:56am
In it's charging cradle, did you get one with it?

trogedon, May 5, 4:16am
No, just this.

pyro_sniper2002, May 5, 4:20am
Looks like standard USB to me, so a USB wall charger (your phone may have one) or any powered up USB port.

mrfxit, May 5, 4:54am
Bit short on charging info but you might get what you need from here

trogedon, May 5, 4:55am
It doesn't fit a USB port. I don't own (never have) a cellphone so can't try that.

gyrogearloose, May 5, 5:38am

suicidemonkey, May 5, 6:02am
Looks like a USB port to me

pyro_sniper2002, May 5, 6:31am
Then you're putting it in upside down, that is 100% USB.

trogedon, May 5, 6:31am
Thanks guys. I (obviously) don't have a cradle so I'll hope the club can check its charge / swap for a recharged one at the race on Saturday.

oclaf, May 5, 6:31am
I think you will find that it does.

suicidemonkey, May 5, 7:19am
I think you'll find it fits a standard USB port.

pzkpfw, May 5, 7:27am
It's a bit "fat" and I've had things like that that won't fit "properly" in a USB port. (Ports can be recessed, or jammed in between other ports.) Quick fix, if that's the case, is a USB extension cable.

shakespeare6, Dec 16, 10:24am
charged via usb those are, check your manual- to first activate them and set up subscription etc you need to plug them into a pc.

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