AD blocking

geek_wayne416, Aug 12, 5:05 pm

I personally think it's selfish to block all ads. And sure, this doesn't apply to everything - like paid websites that use ads should be fairly blocked (a prime example is Trademe)

But websites like Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, and all of the other free services we use on a daily basis. at what point do they go "hm, well no one is viewing ads anymore, we're going to have to charge a monthly fee". Most of Google's revenue is from advertising - that's how 99% of their services are free to us.

So really, I think putting up with a few ads is a far better option than paying monthly subscriptions, which is why I disable Adblock on my most used websites.

e. I should add, I understand why people do it. Too many websites use totally invasive and over the top ads. Put it's easy to use AdBlock and just untick "enable on this website" for the services you use the most.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 26, 9:08 am

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