Apple TV versus Chromecast

Seeking advice and opinions. Our household is Apple - laptops, phones and iPads etc. We have a Samsung SmartTV and my husband has been looking into the possibility of adding Chromecast or AppleTV.
Trying to weigh up the benefits of either. Chromecast is cheaper, but then we have Apple everything?

geek_lemonade, Jun 13, 8:33 am

Apple TV would be the better option if your already tied into the Apple ecosystem. A chromecast dongle will work with your devices but you will have greater options with your Apple devices like streaming your iTunes library and the fact apps like Netflix are pre installed on Apple TV. With the chromecast you will need to download these apps and cast them to the TV manually which isn't a bad thing, but why take extra steps when most is already native to Apple TV

geek_2nd2none, Jun 13, 8:42 am

How did chromecast even get a mention in your household?

geek_king1, Jun 13, 8:58 am

Apple TV easily

geek_jon9, Jun 13, 9:35 am

raspberry pi.

geek_velenski, Jun 13, 10:03 am

Android TV + Kobi (formerly XBMC).

geek_lostdude, Jun 13, 10:42 am

I know. My husband being "cost-conscious" lol.

geek_lemonade, Jun 13, 11:27 am

Thanks. I was concerned about what set-ups we'd have to do, and also potential compatibility issues. I think AppleTV is probably better suited for us.

geek_lemonade, Jun 13, 11:28 am

We'd also been looking at PVRs - and wondering if we need one of those or if the AppleTV would be sufficient.

We use global mode to watch TV in the UK, as well as the occasional terrestrial NZ programme. We like the idea of being able to occasionally record a programme if we need to - but not sure whether its sufficiently necessary to outlay the extra costs.

geek_lemonade, Jun 13, 11:30 am

We're an Apple household but use Chromecast. It works well with Netflix but not with Lightbox as Lightbox is not compatible with Chrome at present.

geek_davidt4, Jun 13, 12:24 pm

geek_king1, Jun 13, 12:49 pm

I have both Apple TV and Chromecast. Once everything is setup the Apple TV is easier to navigate with the remote. You need the App on a device to work with Chromecast.
Do these devices geo-lock as well? My iTunes account is based in Aussie and I can access and see some of that regions content.

geek_javajoe, Jun 13, 1:05 pm

No the devices don't geo-lock because I took my Chromecast to Australia last week. The blimmin' apps do though. I had to install Hola as a VPN to stream Skygo to watch the Warriors.

I tried my mates Aussie Netflix account and I can stream it back here in NZ, no problems at all.

geek_thecoolshop, Jun 13, 3:50 pm

Chromecast by default uses Google DNS so is geolocked by the results of those DNS responses.

Netflix accounts work from anywhere but you only get content related to geographically region unless using means to circumvent that.

geek_spyware, Jun 13, 5:53 pm

Chromecast is fine, the native netflix phone app has chromecast support.

ideally with a chromecast you need to team it up with an app like plex (free) to get the personal music and movies functionality

If you're already in the apple eco system then it makes sense to stay there. Apple does a lot of nice things, playing well with others isnt one of them.

geek_directorylist, Jun 13, 7:00 pm

Apple NZ refurbished store (online) might be worth a look, some people say they are as good as new and they do have 1 year warranty. They have an Apple TV on there for $99.

geek_mcdaff, Jun 13, 7:08 pm

if you have a smart TV why do you need Apple TV or chromecast?

geek_michellew2k, Jun 13, 7:42 pm


Is it for the sake of having another device or do you really want a device to bypass the smart TV just to have the same functionality outside the TV?

geek__drdee_, Aug 17, 3:20 pm

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