Telecom modem getting very hot

trying to find a cooler place for it.
Only 7 years old.

geek_fifi21, Apr 7, 3:11 pm

Put heat pump on 19 degrees and sit it just below in the air flow.

geek_spyware, Apr 7, 3:13 pm

A. they normally do get very warm
B. 7 years is ancient

geek_king1, Apr 7, 3:14 pm

7 years old is ancient for a modem. The longest I've ever had one last is 4 years.

geek_mazdasix, Apr 7, 3:14 pm

Get onto them and ask for a replacement or you will go elsewhere. I bet you get a new one tomorrow.
Those old telecom dynalink ones were rubbish anyway

geek_newbie5, Mar 17, 9:24 am

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