E7500 to Q8200 upgrade?

The opportunity has arisen to upgrade my kids mini itx PC from a Dual core E7500 2.9ghz to a Quad core Q8200 2.3ghz.
Is it worth it? will the lower clock speed actually make it a downgrade?
The computer is used for gaming youtube etc.
Other specs are Radeon HD6850 1gb , 4gb ddr2 ram, Windows 10, power supply only 300W (so no overclocking)

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 10:56 am

The dual core CPU will be faster for single-threaded applications. The quad core will be faster for multi-threaded applications.


geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 10:58 am

What motherboard? Some required a bios upgrade before it could detect newer quad cores but that will be a significant improvement over the E7500.

geek_lostdude, Jul 31, 11:01 am

Also check current RAM, as you would need DDR2 667 or better

geek_dvince, Jul 31, 11:14 am

The system is still going to be too slow for anything approaching modern gaming.

Unless you can get the C2Q for close to free I wouldn't bother.

E. You're also pushing it with that PSU already, sobthe extra 30W the new CPU needs may be too much for the system.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 31, 12:08 pm

Thanks for replys, I checked the MB and ram (ddr2 800) is all compatible.
The cpu is free so I might give it try and see what happens.

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 12:09 pm

I wouldnt bother with that awful AMD card. Get a GTX 970.

geek_schizoid, Jul 31, 12:59 pm

GTX960 is better bang for buck when on a budget IMO. Very capable card

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 1:01 pm

Hey thats a bit rough lol, that card served me well for years.
This is just a second PC for kids playing games like Sonic All Stars Racing transformed etc.

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 1:36 pm

Yeah it doesn't do too badly for an entry level card.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 1:40 pm

Already have one in my main PC, first Nvidia card I have owned in many years and I must admit it goes very well

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 1:53 pm

Didn't see that coming.

geek_wayne416, Jul 31, 2:20 pm

The xtreme outer vision power supply calculator recommends a power supply of 286W for that system with the quad core.

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 2:59 pm

Unless you are playing older games. Then it would be wise to completely overhaul the machine to something like an i5 quad core or an AMD A6. Usually depending on your budget you can get a decent ASUS Z87 Board for a good price as well as a semi decent quad core processor and a decent amount of ram. Core 2 are good for low end gaming but if your like trynna play the latest and greatest Call of Duty Black Ops (which is at III now) It wouldn't run at all on a core 2 setup.

geek_j-solo-project, Aug 7, 2:20 pm

Give some thought to a solid state drive. Could make quite a difference.

geek_namtak, Aug 7, 11:26 pm

Haha some of these guys need to get a career in computer sales.

If the quad is free its a primo upgrade for that setup man, the 6850 will be capable of running games that benefit from a quad.

geek_themuss11, Aug 8, 12:09 pm

I slapped the quad in and its running ok so far, most games show no performance gain at all except for grid autosport which used to bog down big time with the dual core when there was a full field if online opponents.
On the other hand windows in general is a lot more responsive and it can now play 1080p H265 video without stuttering.
So overall a nice upgrade.

geek_honeysacat, Mar 13, 4:06 am

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