PDF to Excel converter

camac99, May 16, 7:40am
Can someone suggest a (preferably free) down load to convert / export data from PDF files to an Excel accessible format (xls, csv, etc). Looked at Tucows doesn't seem to be Win 8.1 version on there. Have tried one of their offerings on an old XP machine but it seems to have brought a lot of unwanted junk with it

suicidemonkey, May 16, 7:41am
FYI, even if software doesn't specially have a Win 8 version, it will probably still work. Most software made for Win7 will work with Win8.

-bookzone-, May 16, 7:44am
Here's a free online converter of many file types:


camac99, May 16, 7:53am
Thanks BZ. Not happy sending files to someone else as they have name, address and account no details as well as financial data. Any other thoughts?

suicidemonkey, Nov 18, 4:23pm
No one is going to view those files

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