Best mail e.g. windows xtra hotmail

finlight, Apr 25, 8:21am
hi there am wanting to know as have hooked up my new apple computer ,, so different to windows vista. starts off with voice over commands to set up haven't used them yet ? when are you meant to ? and can,t watch tv on demand or anything as says not connected to server but can go on fb etc any help pleeeeaaasee or someone that has swapped over like me tip please

finlight, Apr 25, 8:24am
also on my vista was always coming up with windows error and all my emails keep repeating could never get it sorted so got put onto xtra only problem is you have to download email to read etc . thanks

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 9:52am
I'm not sure what you mean by that last part - you'll always have to download a message before you can read it.

Anyway you shouldn't need to look further than Gmail or - both are free tobise and don't require you install any app.

finlight, Apr 26, 9:33am
with outlook you have to download it to read. windows mail it just comes up to read. all my mail is xtra and would have to change my email address to everyone. but main concern is why I can,t go on anything like tv on demand it says install flash player but won,t when I try as no secure connection to server but can go on fb and trade me.

piperguy, Apr 27, 5:29am
I would recommend going directly to

Download it from there should work better, if it doesn't, we will need more information from you to fix the problem.

finlight, Apr 27, 7:29am
ok thanks will try this again and see what it says

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