Can you send text from a computer

Hi. I was wondering if I can send Texts easily from my PC? I felt it could be useful.

geek_bandit101, Jul 1, 7:35 pm

Probably not without any free service you find adding it's own advertising and spam.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 7:39 pm

You can with some Vodazone connections.

geek_phalanax, Jul 1, 7:49 pm

vodafone used to have a place in there website where you could.

Here you go

geek_king1, Jul 1, 7:50 pm

geek_king1, Jul 1, 7:52 pm

Not for free no.
Another one:

geek_dudekrulz, Jul 1, 7:55 pm

Yes, you insert a Vodem or 2 Degrees wireless dongle, put some credit on the SIM, and then use their application to send SMS messages or write your own app using AT commands.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 8:52 pm

geek_rz_zone, Jul 1, 8:59 pm

You can do it on Skype as well. but not for free

geek_rozendaal, Jul 1, 11:15 pm

If you own an Android phone, there's a quite easy way to do it.
Just install Google Chrome (if not already installed and used) and add the Pushbullet add-on and off you go, quite few handy features actaully and sending/receiving TXT message is one of them.
Take a look here for more info:

geek_flower_tears, Jul 2, 1:33 am

Mightytext is the way to go, especially if your employer bans cell phones within your workspace, your phone can be in a locker and you still receive and send texts on your PC. (Requires internet access to the mighty text web site).

geek_lunar2, Jul 2, 6:05 am

Its built in to Mac OSX and ios. Have to have a mac of course though haha

geek_jon9, Jul 2, 4:52 am

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