CPU Speed?

Please don't laugh but i have just disassembled my last desk top, now replaced, ready to list it on TM. I wrote down the specs off each component as I went and thought I would be just writing those into the description but now I find I have some preset fields to fill in.

The processor is Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHZ and system type is 32-bit operating systemso am i correct in thinking I need to load 2.8GHZ as the CPU Speed and 2 as Cores?

It has a DVD RW Drive Audio CD so does that put it into the CD + DVD Writer category?

Memory, HD and screen i can follow but these others don't register with me. Please help.

geek_g14us, Jun 30, 2:38 pm

Yes, all what you said is correct.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 30, 2:41 pm

Thank you. Now I just need to get it sold to free up space on my desk. It is in very good condition but looks like that speed is a bit low. Oh well!

geek_g14us, Jun 30, 2:47 pm

The speed is fine for most purposes. My Core2Duo is 2.33GHz. With 4GB of RAM, an SSD as boot drive, and Windows 8.1, I find it quite adequate.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 30, 2:52 pm

You could have just run Speccy and got all that info.

geek_lythande1, Jun 30, 3:05 pm

Thanks, that is good to hear.
Another "silly" question i am sure you'll know the answer to: I bought an all-in-one desktop which is a wireless model, mainly because i liked the specs but now that i have the "old" one dismantled I am wondering whether I can run the wireless model as wired (ethernet).
Someone suggested wired always give better performance although I'm not sure in what way better. Also I'm wondering whether does the more things you have running wireless does that slow them down. Seems logical to me if i think of the wireless as a water stream but is that true?
I have tried looking on Google but not getting very far there. But if it is true then I would be better to run the desk top wired, if that is possible. Needless to say the set up instructions concentrate on wireless.

geek_g14us, Jun 30, 3:13 pm

You are no doubt correct lythande1 but i would not have known about Speccy - but thanks for your contribution

geek_g14us, Jun 30, 3:17 pm

If you disassembled it to identify the processor speed from the top of the chip, I need to say that you need to reassemble it by cleaning all the old compound off and applying fresh goo.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 30, 3:36 pm

as long as it has a input for ethernet, you can run it wired.

Wireless is fine as long as your connection is good. Cheap routers, like the ones that come free with internet plans, tend to have poor range and might not work very well throughout the entire house or whatever. Id say try the wireless and use it if its fine for you, if not run a cable.

geek_schizoid, Jun 30, 3:38 pm

Thanks. Will try it.

geek_g14us, Jul 8, 11:11 am

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