Sparks the only one who says we can get VDSL?

mdread, Mar 26, 3:09am
We are really keen to get VDSL when we can at home. We are currently with Slingshot who say its unlikely we can get VDSL. We rung vodafone who said maybe, and we rung Spark who say we can (but not 100% certain til its done). Looking at the Chorus map it looks like we are out of vdsl area. Slingshot told us it was possible that another provider could give us VDSL as they use different contractors? Thought Chorus did it all, and woudl that even matter who did it?
So do you think it would be worth switching to spark and trying our luck? What happens if it doesnt work? We would have to change all our emails to a non slingshot address if we do swap which will be a pain.

schizoid, Mar 26, 3:42am
I believe Vodafone (ex. Telstra) have (had) their own infrastructure in place, so they may be the other option. Otherwise if you are outside of the Chorus map, I'd say it's unlikely.

What about UFB?

spyware, Mar 26, 6:47am
I don't think Vodafone have their own infrastructure in Morrinsville.

debz_8, Mar 26, 6:58am
Sparks website sez we can get it but on closer inspection Chorus has sed no as we are too far away from the grid.Which may be the same in your case.

trade_menow, Mar 27, 3:11am
use sparks address checker if it says you can and the installer installs it but you cant obtain the min speeds your not tied to the contract and they will revert you to adsl2 - and the bonus is anyone would be better than sling$hit

oldbnz, Mar 27, 3:15am
I just had sparks vdsl installed this morning

spyware, Mar 27, 4:46am
Easiest way to determine if in range is to look at the downstream attenuation, cutoff for VDSL2 is 10.8 dB.

lugee, Mar 27, 11:31am
I had a downstream attenuation of 16dB on ADSL2, but convinced them to go ahead as I was certain the attenuation was due to premises wiring, which would be fixed with the VDSL install.

Turns out I was right and now I'm sitting on a stable 44Mbps VDSL connection.

skull, Mar 27, 5:33pm
No matter if you change ISP's now or later you ought to ditch your email addresses that are tied to your provider. At the moment it is part of a handbrake making changing suppliers more difficult. I have both Hotmail and Gmail and have never used any email attached to my internet providers.

fishb8, Mar 27, 6:58pm
For ages, we were told via VDSL maps that we weren't ale to get VDSL but I persisted asking around, knowing the nearest cabinet was only 200 metres away.
Eventually got it installed and got 50/10, for no dearer. Terrible marketing of VDSL until fibre started kicking in.
Will be getting UFB installed next week. cheaper and faster than my VDSL!

edit - have been with 4 different ISPs and change of email is such a pain. that's why a gmail account (or the like) is so useful.

pcmaster, Apr 16, 9:52am
tell them you dont actually care about the speed

thats what i did in 2002 when making the leap from dialup to adsl and i was supposedly out of the range of service

i got a tech out and all, and the $199 wiring fee got waived cos their records were inaccurate

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