Scammers calling me every day.

Dont know if its the same group or not, but keep asking me about my CLSID etc windows licence not valid and all their usual BS.
I played along with them yesterday and was one step ahead i was telling them i knew what commands i had to type into the run dialog etc and the surprised Indian guy was like "oh you must be a technician or something" lol anyway in the end i told him he was full of BS and he just would not stop trying to convince me that they were genuine etc, i told them that there is no such windows department that rings their users and in the end i hang up after wasting an hour of his time lol.
Anyway today i get another call from a weird number and sure enough another indian voice. I bluntly said "yes whats wrong with my computer today?" before he got a word in and he was so surprised to know how i knew what he was going to ask, i said to him that "you scammers call me every day" and he just hang up lol but its so funny how some of the operators wont give up even though they know they are facing a brick wall and yet others will hang up straight away.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 20, 5:37 pm

Just swear at em and tell them to keep talking as you have almost go their IP address. They hang up very quickly!

geek_ceebee2, Mar 20, 5:40 pm

After an hour. say you have to go out and could they call back.

geek_mechnificent, Mar 20, 8:05 pm

Invest in a high-pitched whistle. When they call .

geek_nztechstore, Mar 20, 8:27 pm

FFS! Just try ordering a curry. They love that.

geek_namtak, Mar 20, 8:46 pm

I just tell them that I don't have a computer, then they try to convince me that I do.

geek_karen45, Mar 20, 9:01 pm

lol yes i once told them i had linux, but they did not believe me!

I should really try the trick of asking if they can hold the line and i go away for an hour and come back and say sorry not interested.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 21, 8:56 am

Have fun with them. Pretend to be really elderly or something and waste THEIR time. Keep putting them on hold for long periods while you 'check the kettle', etc.

geek_melcraig, Mar 21, 9:12 am

The longer you try to talk to them more often they'll call back.

geek_mr-word, Mar 21, 10:03 am

Not if you waste a huge amount of their time.

The thing to aim for is the caller to put you on to their supervisor.

geek_melcraig, Mar 21, 10:07 am

Ha ha - Fantastic!

geek_melcraig, Mar 21, 7:16 pm

geek_chnman, Mar 21, 7:25 pm

I'm listening to this now. So funny!

geek_melcraig, Mar 21, 7:45 pm

You can watch more Reality TV now.

geek_paora-tm, Mar 21, 8:10 pm

I would love to pretend i was using windows 95 or 3.11! rotfl

geek_nzoomed, Mar 21, 10:13 pm

Just hang up on them - 40/50/60 whatever minutes of you wasting their time is 40/50/60 minutes of wasting your time!

geek_mariner26, Mar 22, 3:11 pm

Not if you're having fun!

geek_melcraig, Mar 22, 3:20 pm

Ask them which computer it is so you can turn the right one on that is a good time waster especially if you act like you dontnunderstand technology lol

geek_mica3, Mar 22, 7:34 pm

When I got a call once, I pretended to go and switch on computer, etc. But I put on a linux live disc, I think it was Linux Mint.

"Click on the start button"
- I don't see a start button I said. The scammer also had me pressing the windows key, etc and what was expected to happen didn't, as I wasn't using Windows.

The scammer was according to him "a certified Microsoft technician". Obviously Microsoft only knows about their own OS, as at one point I was asked to tell him "what do you see on the screen in front of you". I described it as a silver/white/green picture with the words LINUX MINT. No, he couldn't understand what I was on about, and he wanted to get me to keep trying his instructions.

Pretty dumb these scammers are.

geek_chnman, Mar 22, 7:46 pm

Totally agree!

Even if I didn't have the time, I'd still pretend to go and switch on the computer and just ignore them. Just put the phone down and see if they are still there every 5 minutes. If we all wasted their time, maybe they'd give up on NZ and ring Australia instead!

geek_socram, Mar 22, 9:49 pm

lol, i told them i was running linux and the guy got cranky with me and basically said i was lying! lol
Anyway, i would love to see their reaction if i told them i dont have an internet connection!

geek_nzoomed, Mar 22, 9:56 pm

Unusual numbers on our caller id get answered with "Hawkes funeral parlour how can we plant you today" Haven't had a phone call in months :)

geek_hawkeye30, Mar 23, 3:58 pm

Good thinking, preparing my 2 butter chicken with naam request :)

geek_ford_transit, Mar 24, 6:20 pm

After answering just put the phone down somewhere and walk away. Eventually the little voices go away!

geek_mustu, Mar 24, 9:20 pm

Some great ideas on this thread; re: namtak, brilliant I can't wait to order a curry and re: socram and outer, you guys are grand masters!

Just remember these lowlife scammers play a numbers game; average call is less than 20 seconds and the strike rate is one in thousands. Wasting their time for ten minutes or so is not only great sport, it has a huge impact on their hit rate.

I always make a point of finally telling them I'm deliberately wasting their time as it often makes them go ballistic, the more time you waste the more they wind up. I've had gentle sounding Asian ladies turn into foul mouthed monsters and overly polite Punjab's suddenly start screaming that they are coming to kill me and my family, all good fun!

geek_sr2, Mar 24, 9:59 pm

I had a call from these twits and when they asked me to turn on the computer, I told them I didn't know how ! Then came this big explanation on how to turn it on. It was so funny, and I just played along for about 30 mins, but never managed to turn the computer on for them. Have to admit it was turned on all the time. Boy did they get peed off !

geek_tobie2, Mar 25, 7:35 pm

geek_chnman, Mar 25, 9:26 pm

geek_chnman, Mar 25, 9:42 pm

Hubby reckons just setup a virtual PC. Easy to do and scammers can't access the host system unless you let them, and why would you?

geek_nice_lady, Mar 26, 7:27 am

That is no 'kin excuse for defrauding people is it !

geek_galex, Mar 26, 8:32 am

I told them once I had nine computers and it would take me a while to turn them all on. She waited while I 'turned them all on,' (make a cuppa and sandwich.) I went back when I had done that and eaten the sammy. I pretended to go along with her and when she asked me what did I see on the screens, I said, Apple Mac. The rude cow hung up on me.

geek_rockie6, Mar 26, 9:09 am

I have Virtual PC waiting but they have never called back after I said I had Linux and swore at them.
The caller is just as much a criminal. The pusher on the street is just as much a criminal as Mr Big.

geek_gsimpson, Mar 26, 12:46 pm

One time I asked them what their religion was, having ascertained that, I asked if that religion allowed them to lie,cheat and steal ? That didn't go down very well.

geek_ford_transit, Mar 26, 2:52 pm

This is why I plan to go mobile only, no landline.

geek_yinandyang, Mar 27, 5:13 pm

Yes, you need to remind yourself, the nice friendly voice on the other end is just an ahole who's only objective is to empty some poor old pensioner's bank account of their life savings.

geek_benden, Mar 28, 3:23 pm

Never once had one of these phone calls. I almost feel like I'm missing out.

geek_nzgunnie, Mar 29, 5:03 pm

Had 2 yesterday.
First one I asked what their strike rate was. 1/1000, 1/2000 ?
they hung up.
second one i just kept saying LINUX
they hung up

geek_ford_transit, Apr 2, 8:21 am

I got them to call back heaps of times, each time they called I pretended to be someone else. I even put on a terrible fake accent they asked for someone who spoke English.
Next time I going to profess undying love and ask what they are wearing

geek_sossie1, Apr 2, 8:33 am

geek_mr-word, Apr 2, 10:35 pm

Classic response from yesterdays call. " How did you know I was calling from India ?" :)
Quite a nice chap, chatted about timezones and the weather before letting him down gently :)

geek_ford_transit, Feb 24, 11:15 am

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