Apple experts - how to remove files from ipad?

sooby, Jan 31, 11:20pm
Hi guys,

I transfered .AVI video files from windows laptop to ipad using itunes, but as they won't play I'd like to delete them, but how?

I noticed in the ipad summary the available space did reduce matching the video file sizes, so I guess they are on the ipad but just not visible. I can't see where I am meant to look to remove them, anyone able to point me in the right direction please?


rz_zone, Feb 1, 12:01am
Is it not in Photos?
Use this method, much easier.

spyware, Feb 1, 12:41am
VLC app will also connect to DLNA server, so run Twonky or Plex Media Server maybe on a Windows or Linux box simply stream (no wasted space from storing files). Also a Plex app.

tillsbury, Feb 1, 2:19am
Can also recommend air video server. Just run it on your pc and the app on your iPad. I have used this for years.

sooby, Feb 1, 7:24am
cheers guys for the different solutions, I appreciate it.

Any ideas how I can view/edit the files on the ipad? I see in the 'other' part of the space usage meter there is about 2GB that only appeared after I somehow loaded the videos (altho can't see them or view themat all on ipad strangely), would be great to get this space back if possible!

invercoll, Feb 23, 10:20pm
Have program "ibridge" on ipad and seems to have frozen. l have a lifetime membership. What is my best option - wipe it and reinstall.
Also latest update for IOS will not install. Do l need to worry?

footplate1, Feb 24, 4:54am
I have a stack of music I would like to delete. Mainly dreadful U2 rubbish. But no obvious way to slide and delete.



remmers, Feb 24, 5:18am
When you view Songs of Innocence Album are you seeing a cloud with down arrow and song length or just song length?

footplate1, Feb 25, 12:41am
Just the cloud.

remmers, Feb 25, 2:27am
That is why you cannot delete it from your iPad, it is not on it. It is available to download from Apple. If showing as a purchase from the iTunes Store offends you, go to

on a computer and follow the instructions.

rz_zone, Feb 25, 2:51am
You have to download it first to iPad and than you can delete it.
Tap on little cloud icon with down arrow to download.

rz_zone, Feb 25, 2:53am

footplate1, Jul 7, 10:08pm
Thanks. I guess it is part of the U2 promo of a few months ago. U2 is one of a few groups I can't stand. Now, if it was UB40, say .

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