How can I Retrieve sent message

I am a very naïve user of cellphones and hoping someone can help me. I have a Samsung ? phone and need to retrieve a text message that was sent to me 3 months ago I did not reply to it but need the details that was sent. Any help would be appreciated

geek_chasing, Jun 30, 11:52 am

Unless you have deleted it, it should stiil be in your text messaging app. Open it, it should just be called "Messaging" or similar and scroll down to the appropriate date.

geek_galex, Jun 30, 12:27 pm

Thanks for your help. I have been into messages and strolled down looking for it and no it is not there. I have not deleted it because I don't know how to do that. Any more ideas?

geek_chasing, Jun 30, 1:59 pm

No other ideas sorry [ unless you have another messaging app as well ]. Hate to ask the obvious but are you sure the text you got was on that particular phone?

geek_galex, Jun 30, 2:03 pm

try search for a keyword in the message.
Mine has a magnifying glass button at top of message list

geek_king1, Jun 30, 2:05 pm

Yes it was sent to that phone. Thanks anyway.

geek_chasing, Jun 30, 2:08 pm

No I don't have that facility but thanks

geek_chasing, Jul 8, 10:01 pm

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