Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI)

diddles1, Apr 3, 8:01am
Hi there. Has anyone ever used Vodafone's (or any other provider's) rural broadband (RBI - Rural Broadband Initiative)? If so, how reliable is it? What is the speed like (the website says the download speed should be 3mbps, from memory)? Is it constant or does it drop in and out? Any other comments are helpful too. Thank you!

pozzie-nz, Apr 3, 11:06pm
It is the same as a Smart phone just with a better aerial, if you get ok vodafone cell reception you will get coverage plans only have a 'small' amount of data, download speeds look good, but Ping some time is a little slow,
Good for low usage and as reliable as your Cell,

michael555, Apr 5, 2:33am
I used Vodafone for a little while through their RBI and it was fantastic. Very fast and little to no drop offs. The only thing was that it was too expensive. 15Gb doesn't go far with a family of five!

diddles1, Apr 5, 8:34am
Thank you for answers, guys. Any other comments from others welcome. Our broadband is PATHETIC - slower than dial-up and we are in the Auckland region. So, it seems we will have to go with RBI to have a semi-decent service. Otherwise, it's satellite and that's mega expensive.

hakatere1, Apr 5, 2:02pm
We have rural BB in Ashburton. About $95-$100 per month for 100gb (50gb peak - 50gb off peak), $19 national voip phone, UK, Aus and US. Speed was originally 3, now 5 up and down. Ping around 9 - 20. Does everything we want. Never any problems.

stuart, Apr 5, 2:25pm
Try Ubernet.I know northern part of Helensville has coverage.

diddles1, Apr 8, 3:49am
Thanks you Hakatere1. Which provider are you with, please?

diddles1, Apr 8, 3:50am
Thanks Stuart! Will have a look.

diddles1, Apr 8, 6:35am
Ubergroup looks excellent, but not available for us. They said they may look at installing a transmitter in our area (South Head) by the end of the year though.

hakatere1, Mar 11, 3:31am

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