Clean installation Windows 10

Have upgraded to Windows 10 and all seems to be working well. Read somewhere you can do a clean installation of Windows 10. What would the difference/improvement/advanta-
ge be if I was do do a clean installation. The 'old' Window 7 files that are not needed will be removed after the 30 day trial period . is that correct?

geek_thewomble1, Aug 28, 12:03 am

Yes the old windows will be deleted after the 30 day trial. I have seen on here previously people talking about clean install. Try searching "clean install" or just "windows 10" in the search option here on the message board and you may find what you need.

geek_springgrove, Aug 28, 12:10 am

Clean install will delete all of your files/docs and generally result in a much "cleaner", faster and error free operating system.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 12:28 am

So "suicidemonkey" can you survive win 10 just from doing the upgrade on a fairly new machine or should you still do clean install. Only one issue when I upgraded but all good now, I like it so far. It is faster to respond than 8.1.

geek_springgrove, Aug 28, 8:04 am

most people who have just upgraded have no issues with it. The truth is its not different enough to have much room for things to go horribly wrong.

geek_black-heart, Jan 9, 11:01 am

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