I'm after a desktop of some sort for home

stevie1, Apr 22, 10:18am
We have old laptops and an iPad but want one upstairs in our make shift office, my partner will be doing a little work from home accessing work from online.
Can someone give me some advice please. I'm not wanting the cheapest but not the dearest either.
In laymans terms, minimum Ram, processors etc should I get or not get.
So many specials on and coming up and salesman pushing certain brands so they can get better commissions

suicidemonkey, Apr 22, 10:29am
Not all salespeople are on commission. Depends where you go.

Either way, get one custom built by a reputable place like Computer Lounge. Tell them what you need it for, they'll get you a quote. They're very good and can be trusted.


schizoid, Apr 22, 11:01am
4GB RAM, modern dual core. Thats probably all you really need for basic use. Getting a SSD for primary drive is highly recommended.

and yes, Computerlounge have been rated the best PC retailer several years running, with good reason.

namtak, Apr 22, 12:44pm
If you're going dual core get an Intel G3258 Pentium. Excellent bang for buck at a modest price.

lythande1, Apr 22, 7:42pm
No such thing as a brand either. the likes of Compaq, acer etc just use whatever components (sadly often the cheap and nasty) whack it together and stick a "brand" label on the front and dump the warranty down to a year.

Better to have a custom built one from a reputable shop with proper warranty on components.

Like Computer Lounge who have the best after sales service.
And use quality parts.

honeysacat, Apr 22, 10:14pm
better off with an AMD A6-7400k as it has much better integrated graphics.

suicidemonkey, Apr 22, 10:39pm
OP doesn't want it for gaming. So better off with the cheaper, cooler, more efficient Intel chip.

honeysacat, Apr 22, 11:17pm
1. Its not cheaper
2. The power difference is only 12Watts
3. Other programs use GPU acceleration, not just games
The OP wants a good all round computer not just SuperPI bragging rights

wayne416, Apr 22, 11:22pm
Here we go again.

schizoid, Apr 22, 11:24pm
How about we just let CL sort it out eh?

wayne416, Apr 22, 11:29pm

r.g.nixon, Apr 23, 1:04am

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 1:07am
1. Based on Pricespy, the Intel chip is under $100 (and readily available) while the AMD chip is $130+ and not available in NZ
2. 12 watts is still 12 watts, especially considering benchmarks show the CPU performance of the Intel chip to be better than the AMD
3. OP stated it's a work computer - they are unlikely to use any programs that require GPU acceleration

honeysacat, Apr 23, 1:21am
Your pay cheque is in the mail.

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 1:24am
Interesting considering I run my own company that has nothing to do with IT.

honeysacat, Apr 23, 1:40am
some of us are not highly paid CEOs and subsequently cannot afford the Intel logo tax.

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 1:45am
Erm. the Intel CPU mentioned above is cheaper than the AMD CPU you mentioned.

newbie5, Apr 23, 5:06am
There is a good place where you can get a good spec pc cheap .
I cant think of the name of the place but I think it might be Trade Me or something like that

ryanm2, Jan 21, 4:31am
My $399 HP lappy has an intel processor. Am I rich now?

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