Find my phone type apps, how much data?

rosehonda, Mar 20, 6:16am
I lost my phone today. Did not have a find my phone type thing on it because was worried about data usage. I only have a 500mb plan and only turned on data when I used it, don't want a bigger plan. I guess data has to be always on for them to work? is that correct?

Should it be ok leaving data on with a 500mb plan?

zak410, Mar 20, 6:43am

rosehonda, Mar 20, 7:10am
sorry but nope, wasn't an android and doesn't answer my question

drsr, Mar 20, 9:16am
If mobile data isn't on it will still show up if someone connects it to Wifi, but by then your phone may be wiped anyway. It only uses a tiny amount of data for tracking.

suicidemonkey, Mar 20, 10:10am
Might pay to let us know what type of phone it is then. The Trademe crystal ball service is down at the moment.

rosehonda, Mar 21, 6:09am
Was asking in general about those types of apps because my next phone will probably be android but all good

mikep, Mar 21, 10:58am
If you get an Android phone, and you're prone to losing phones, then Cerberus is supposed to be the best.

vtecintegra, Mar 21, 11:29am
Better off using the built is functionality - Cerberus had some awful security issues which while now fixed don't exactly inspire confidence in the company

princess4, Apr 30, 11:18pm
Hi we have i phones with 500mb plans we leave our find our i phones active at all times. They can not use data when you have your data switched of, and do not seem to use any great amount of data when app is switched on. I turn my data of after I have used it. I also bluetooth my laptop and i pad and use the data from my phone, but this does chew up data, when I'm traveling with no wifi available. If you have apps that are not used often, go to settings and turn of each individual app, stops app from using up data, doing updates extra. When you do finally go to use that turned of app, your phone will just ask you to turn that app on in settings, quick and easy to do. Then just switch off the app when you have finished say playing the game.

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