Google Search Engine Change - Need Fix

carter441, Apr 14, 3:57am
My Google Search Engine seems to have magically changed!

Previously when I did a search I could select either to search the world or New Zealand. Now, the options are to search now, the last hour, the week, the last month etc?

Any idea how to get it back to the way it was please?

ross1970, Apr 14, 4:06am
do it manually to narrow things down. eg for all .nz domains
= searchexample

carter441, Apr 14, 4:15am
Thank you - that is handy to know!

But this is driving me mad. I used to have the option to select New Zealand and it seems to have disappeared?

ross1970, Apr 14, 4:34am
I did notice that as well. Might just have to use the advanced search options in the Google search page settings.
Or use "operators" ( such as above ) in the initial search

suicidemonkey, Apr 14, 5:14am
I've noticed that too. Just add "NZ" to the end of your searches.

carter441, Apr 14, 9:49am
Thank you everyone. I thought I was going mad!

lostdude, Apr 14, 12:38pm

carter441, Apr 19, 12:20am
Your a genius! Thanks.

king1, Feb 6, 2:56pm
country selection seems to be back now in the search tools

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