"Hypothetical Question"

How old is a 5 year old computer in human years?

geek_boots0016, May 6, 7:11 am

i'd go with 50-60, however

geek_king1, May 6, 7:18 am

Don't think you can compare to humans, ie up to date software with old hardware or the other way round, or perhaps you can with quick mind but worn-out body. Think it has more to do with the uses its put to and who uses it. I would say 5 years would equal about 80 human years, still goes but not able to do what you use to.

geek_wayne416, May 6, 7:27 am

half that with Linux. ;)

geek_zak410, May 6, 7:30 am

Thanks Wayne, that gives me another year or two

geek_boots0016, May 6, 7:36 am

either snobbery or fear; got to have the latest greatest fastest better than yours, or I don't actually understand these things called computers, if I humanise them I can make sure I am better than they are

they're a collection of electrical bits, theres no such thing as man years involved, when they were built they were capable of XYZ, today they are still just as capable, there have been faster models produced since that can do XYZ in less time, some can now do QRT too, obsolete is a human term, it does not apply to products manufactured to do a particular job

geek_skin1235, May 6, 7:51 am

I think with humans 80 is equal to about 50 now compared to 100 years ago, don't think that will ever happen with computers.

geek_wayne416, May 6, 7:54 am

does a rifle have a man age, does it ever become obsolete
stand in front of it and convince yourself it is dead, way past its use by date and could never possibly still work just as well as the day it was made

geek_skin1235, May 6, 7:55 am

Not sure if sarcasm, but either way, what does the operating system have to do with the hardware age?

geek_suicidemonkey, May 6, 8:23 am

Sort of like a mental retardation ;)

geek__drdee_, May 6, 9:41 am

It's 5 years old, because humans defined what a year means and no other answer would be logical.

geek_gyrogearloose, May 6, 11:23 am

Pretty sure the typewriters of the world would disagree.

geek_king1, May 6, 8:00 pm

I have several computers here that are around 30 years old & still working as intended.

If you tried to calculate that in the suggested human years, then that would be approx 300 to 400 years old.
Not going to happen

geek_mrfxit, May 6, 8:21 pm

it's the ability of a specific alternative o/s to be able to run ok on hardware originally intended for OEM o/s's that can no longer keep up with the current modern day demands.

geek_mrfxit, May 6, 8:24 pm

? Of course it does apply.

geek_ross1970, May 6, 8:25 pm

Nooo pretty much means exactly that. Obsotele - no longer produced or used. Hammers - old tech, but not obsolete. Line printers - old tech, obsolete

geek_cafc2012, May 7, 5:19 am

Sums it up, cheers.

geek_zak410, May 7, 8:10 am

umm, typewriters as in the human sitting in front of it, the mechanical typewriter is just as good today as it was when manufactured, the human sitting in front of it is another matter

geek_skin1235, May 7, 8:51 am

same to the others, obsolete is the human term, there nothing wrong with the mechanical object, the need to have the latest drives the producers, that need is the human factor, its the human who decides what is obsolete, the rifle still works 200 yrs later, so does the mousetrap, age doesn't qualify something as obsolete, diminished human use does as things are replaced with newer

geek_skin1235, May 7, 8:57 am

Geez you talk yourself into circles. Things become obsolete.
"obsolete is the human term?" wtf?

geek_ross1970, May 7, 9:42 am

Cor . my wee beauty is 65 and fit as a fiddle :)

geek_missrat, May 7, 9:56 am


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