What have i got infecting my laptop

danchop, Apr 12, 4:21am
i dont know ,a mate came round last week and changed stuff,like got rid of explorer and now im on chrome,installed some spy bot destroy thing,but when they left i find most websites now real slow and ive got adds galore everywhere,like when i click on a website link like stuff,trademe etc it first off directs me to a big add of varying stuff,or sometimes my whole webpage turns into an add about virus protectors through to porn sites.
i thought these were pop ups and ive got pop ups blocked.
sorry im not real puter savvy,but is this a virus?

danchop, Apr 12, 4:22am
oh i system restored it to before my mate came over but no change

wayne416, Apr 12, 4:46am

mark.52, Apr 12, 4:50am
Run the download in #3, and don't let your "mate" near the computer again.

I would uninstall Spybot.
Check you have active antivirus (up to date) installed.

r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 3:11am
Now it's infected with Google Chrome!
You could always upgrade to Firefox!

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