This is strange

denny111, May 29, 10:48am
I am getting an incorrect password notification on every 1st attempt to go to my e-mail, but getting through on the 2nd attempt. This started about a week ago and at first I thought I must be just making the same repeated mistake, but the regularity has finally hit me and I have very very carefully now put this to the test and yep, what I describe at the start is actually happening. I only need to sign out and instantly go to sign back in for this to occur. Does anyone have any ideas on what this is?

suicidemonkey, May 29, 11:27am
What e-mail client? Operating system? E-mail provider?

emmerson1, May 29, 11:28am
Are you being directed to a Phishing site?

marte, May 29, 11:43am
Have you turned cookies off? It did something like that when I did

denny111, May 29, 6:47pm
my OS is xp pro and my e-mail ends with which I think is hotmail?
I dont know what you mean by what e-mail client?.
No I am not being directed to a Phishing site, and cookies is not off.

as you can tell i am not up with technical stuff regarding this but do appreciate your comments/questions in effort to help.
Sorry I missed your comments last night.

r.g.nixon, May 29, 8:18pm
email client: see the list in the left column. Are you using one of these to send/receive emails.

mrfxit, Oct 4, 2:02pm
1 possible cause could be corrupt cookies.
Ccleaner is good & pretty safe for cleaning out junk like that.

(untick any extras you don't want when installing)

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