Can't send emails

dallasm, Feb 15, 7:46pm
Can anyone help
I cannot send any emails
It keeps coming up on the screen type in user na come and password
Yesterday I couldn't receive emails etc but can now but can't get them out

dallasm, Feb 16, 3:46am
Has anyone a better suggestion than Outlook

r.g.nixon, Feb 16, 4:22am
Sure, 'eMClient'. Mainly because it is free. Has many similarities to Outlook.

king1, Feb 16, 8:14am
since it hasn't been mentioned - check your password is correct. you can verify this by logging into the (unknown) ISP webmail page

lostdude, Aug 5, 11:24pm
You may just need to login to webmail to activate pop/imap again.

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