Bidding/Q&A issues with TM on a mobile "Forbidden"

Not sure if it's just me, I have a newish Samsung and can log in to TM fine via Chrome. When I go to answer a question on my own auctions or try to bid on another auction - I get instantly logged out and the messsage 'Forbidden' appears. This has been happening for a week now. Any tips? I'm finding it really annoying.

geek_city_shore, Aug 2, 10:05 pm

Have you considered using the Trademe Playstore app

geek_pete48, Aug 3, 11:08 am

Thanks. Don't see why TradeMe can't facilitate a error free mobile site. I'm thinking it's time for Ebay to make another foray into NZ. Especially as TM service levels decline, fees increase and outages are frequent. I'd certainly give it a go.

geek_city_shore, Aug 3, 11:27 am

Ive never had that problem, mind you i dont use chrome. Clean out chrome, cookies, history etc and google trademe. Look down list until you see 'browse' click that and log in. That will give you full site to play with.

geek_wayne416, Apr 6, 8:52 pm

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