Need a new router - which one?

our netgear dgn200v3 has packed a poo and we cant use the wifi, we are on just adsl and want to run up to 5 devices. i dont want to spend too much money - under $150. Any ideas of what to get or what ones to avoid? Cheers

geek_jojo76, Jun 5, 11:31 pm

is the wireless turned off on it? often there is a physical switch on the router that is accidentally bumped

geek_king1, Jun 6, 8:38 am

If my netgear modem/router finally died, I would stick with the brand. Mine is about 7years old and often connected to at least 5 (sometimes more) devices and never fails or slows.

geek_nzmu, Jun 6, 8:39 am

no, there is no switch. We just moved over the weekend, and it had been playing up for a few months. Think it got damaged further in some way during the move.

geek_jojo76, Sep 13, 3:55 pm

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