Aaargh Googlemaps how do I change back to regular

view? thanks

geek_mme, Apr 26, 11:20 am


There's not enough detail!

geek_mme, Apr 26, 11:37 am

question mark icon(?) bottom right

select "Return to classic Google Maps"

geek_king1, Apr 26, 11:49 am

I've only got a little yellow tubby figure at bottom right

geek_mme, Apr 26, 12:17 pm

This is what you get with lite view google which is bloody useless & this is what you get with regular googlemaps

Which IS useful

I managed to get a page up of the Classic View (which says it's changing soon) F again.

Hope these links work for others

geek_mme, Apr 26, 1:55 pm

I went into the google maps forums & for some freaking reason Google are switching from Classic View to Crap Lite view soon.

Meanwhile here's a link to use Classic View until they scrap it!

geek_mme, Apr 26, 1:59 pm

Nope not really. The search was for driving from Balcultha to Riverton in Southland. There's a shortcut along the Old Coach Rd but the details are too scant on the Lite View & it omits to say you turn off at Clinton.

If you go into the Googlemap forums there are lots of thread about how sh!t
Lite View is. It should be called Help you get lost view!

geek_mme, Apr 26, 2:07 pm

Go to .
The "old" and much loved original!

geek_mariner26, Apr 27, 9:29 am

Yes it's similar to the one I posted above thanks.

Both take you to USA

Does anyone know how to change the link to make it start at NZ?

geek_mme, Jan 9, 3:07 am

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