Compaq CQ60 laptop beeps coninously at boot

olack, Feb 11, 3:06am
The laptop will continue beeping for maybe 15 beeps then halts then beeps maybe another 8 times and then starts up ok. If I press any keyboard key when the laptop starts beeping it boots into windows Vista ok. When using the laptop and I open an application that has the Files - Tools - Views - Help etc tabs across the top of the window, and I click on any one of them then each Tab is highlighted from the first to the last and one key after the other is highlighted cycling through all the tabs continuously. I imagined a dirty laptop keyboard but it appears quite clean and when I check under one or two keys removing a few keys it seems quite clean there also. I disconnected the keyboard and booted the PC no beeps and reconnect the keyboard and the beeps are continuous. The key board is the correct model for the laptop. I look up on the internet and I see this has been a common problem and I don't think anyone of solved the issue by replacing the keyboard. Has anyone some good clues as to solve the problem please?

wayne416, Feb 11, 3:13am
CQ60, maybe backup while you can and get another PC, CQ60s where only just OK when new and getting old now. Google beep error codes and see if that tells you anything.

olack, Feb 11, 3:17am
I repair laptops from home for a hobby and getting pretty good at it. I understand what beep codes are about and did check. Most responses to google entries about continuous beeps codes were a stuck keyboard key and one or two odd seeming solutions of pressing various keyboard keys during boot which I still have to try. The hard drive tests as fail when I run the Bios Hard Drive test.

olack, Feb 11, 3:18am
Also, when click on the Vista Windows Start button the buttons in the windows that opens flash continuously. It is very much like a stuck keyboard key. I need to check under all the keys yet and looked under maybe 6 so far and so good.

wayne416, Feb 11, 3:23am
Unplug remove battery, hold power button down for 1 min, reassemble and try again.

olack, Feb 11, 3:40am
yep. tried that same result. I left the battery out tho. Thanks for responding. Now I am trying a Startup Repair and if that does not work I will try a clean install.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 11, 3:42am
Unplug the keyboard

olack, Feb 11, 3:58am
erm, what might happen if I formatted a Advance Format hard drive that has 4096 bytes / Sector format to 512 bytes per Sector? Same laptop, just wondering. I don't even understand how I could have done the format of 512 to a factory formatted 4096 byte per sector hard drive anyway.
I did try to do restore using Macruim Reflect free and it failed. After investigating I learn that ^^^ above about new Advanced Format hard drives. The restore was not possible with Macrium Reflect because it would not configure the Backup made with Reflect in a 512 bytes per sector hard drive to a advanced format hard drive. Hope I made some sense.

olack, Feb 12, 1:35am
I just figured out the install may have emulated the 512 bytes per sector, but I am not sure how I formatted the hard drive. I think the new hard drive had to be formatted. I have another advanced format hard drive here to do an install of Windows home premium OA. I am not sure how to proceed. My first guess is it need to be formatted at Default. Would this be correct? I am using Windows 8.1 .

olack, Feb 12, 1:51am
starting new thread with this.

olack, Feb 18, 9:55pm
SOLUTION: a disconnected spring beneath a Keyboard Key. Problem solved.

hazelnut2, Feb 18, 10:37pm
Yay! I also have a compaq CQ60, ( 5 and a half years old) and if that starts to happen, I'll know why!

mechnificent, Feb 19, 7:02am
Well done Olac.

Im a mechanic and I can tell you it's always best to diagnose before pulling things apart.

You should have tried another keyboard. If the problem had continued with the new keyboard then the trouble would have been in the computer, if it cured it, the problem was in the keyboard.

It's good to be logical about these things, and devise a test.

hakatere1, Feb 19, 6:09pm
^^^^Such is the way of life lol.

mechnificent, Feb 19, 6:38pm
Ha. Yeah well bloody mechanics do things like that all the time. and charge you for the parts they fitted just on a hunch.

_drdee_, Feb 20, 12:53am
Educated hunch tho, thats the difference.

mechnificent, Jul 25, 9:13am
Lol. No. I've seen plenty of wild guesses. And even if we want to take a guess. we can always test the suspect component if we get the specs for it. but they don't, they fit a new one, and then when it doesn't fix the problem, they leave it there on the pretense it's too labor intensive to take back out, or that it was contributing.

Mongrels they are !

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