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coolthree, May 21, 7:34am
I have one i used several years back, took about 3g's which i used to top up monthly, just looking they all seem to just be 500mb's now, is that the most you can put on them ?

suicidemonkey, May 21, 7:39am
Nope you can put anything from 100MB to about 8GB on them depending on which provider you're using.

rz_zone, May 21, 7:50am

coolthree, May 21, 8:28am
oh thanks 8gb would be great however this one is a telecom stick

suicidemonkey, May 21, 8:31am
The Spark website would be a good place to start

Keep in mind it's much more expensive that regular broadband.

rz_zone, May 21, 8:36am

coolthree, May 21, 8:48am
Hey thanks heaps, feeling a whole lot more comfortable, being a senior citezen with limited tech knowledge can sometimes be a disadvantage, cheers

intrade, May 21, 8:51pm
post 3 has the list of who is cheapest listed top to bottom skinny is telecon-spakeling division

suicidemonkey, Oct 29, 4:13pm
While skinny is owned by Spark, it is not a division of anything, it's a separate company.

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