Youtube, Mar 24, 11:21am
On Youtube. When i have signed into my profile and i click on "Favorites". It comes up with Videos half blanked out saying "Watched". This makes it hard when scrolling back through them searching for one particular video. Is there anyway i remove the saying "Watched" ?

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 6:24pm
Look through these User Scripts - might be something there.

footplate1, Mar 24, 6:56pm
I just put up with it. Doesn't stop me from rewatching. I wish the adverts could be stopped, though,

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 7:58pm
I haven't seen any adverts. Could it be Adblock Plus blocking them?, Apr 21, 8:55am
Yeh im the same it dosent stop me from rewatching them. Its just annoying

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