Help I have a virus on trademe

kelly188, Jan 30, 11:57pm
I have clicked onto something and now I have deals popping up all over the page when Im trying to browse trademe. Also those casino and movie pages are popping up. Can someone please help me, how do I remove it I dont have an antivirus, not sure what to do.

wayne416, Jan 31, 12:04am

kelly188, Jan 31, 1:49am
Thanks wayne, I wasnt able to do that without it wanting money but while trying I found my programmes page and found the issue, was something called enterprise 1.1 that had installed itself and I was able to un-install it

notintrade1, Jan 31, 1:57am
You really should think about an antivirus. There are some very good free ones that lots of traders use. One that comes to mind for the moment is Avast but I'm sure someone with computer savvy will add a few more names for you.

king1, Jan 31, 2:07am
Then you clicked on an Advert on the webpage, not the proper download link. Adwcleaner does not ask for money

Either that or the malware is hijacking your browser links. Personally I would still be trying to run adwcleaner. Uninstalling from the programs list NEVER removes malware properly.

intrade, Jan 31, 2:21am
you need a clean pc to download the correct spyware tool them malware will redirect you to wrong download sites so you get even mor malware.
you can use a usb pen drive to put a knowen good cleaner on from a cleam pc laptpop or so and plug it on the affected machine to install .

intrade, Jan 31, 2:22am
ccleaner removes hooks out of the regestry of winblows once it is deleted .

wayne416, Jan 31, 2:27am
Try this page then, no ads on other page i can see.

bayloft, Jan 31, 2:30am
I thought malwarebytes was the commonly recommended fix?

Try this Kelly - download and run the free version :)

lythande1, Jan 31, 2:55am
That's like sex without condoms.

mrfxit, Jan 31, 8:37am
Never had a problem yet .

Oh wait .
31 AND a 36 year old appeared in the last 2 years

velenski, Jan 31, 9:15pm
maybe 5 years ago.

mrfxit, Jan 31, 11:12pm
Still is ;-)

kelly188, Feb 6, 11:25am
your right dint completely remove it, shes back and her adverts are popping up all over the page

rojill, Feb 8, 8:44am
Try this Kelly - download and run the free version :)
This, and look for and select the free version

king1, Sep 3, 11:07am
This is free and is the tool for this particular problem. It does not ask you to pay.

If need be download on another pc and transfer using USB stick

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