Is there a particular

walkyluvva, Apr 23, 8:04pm
brand of printer that has cheaper ink than the others ? We are looking to replace our HP PSC1210 as its playing up. I see alot of cheap printers for sale, but will I get stung when I go to buy the ink ? Thanks

king1, Apr 23, 8:53pm
nope they all rip you - try the cheap after market inks on TM or inkvenus and the like, or buy a laser printer

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 10:34pm
It depends on the model, not the printer brand.

Not all printer cartridges are created equal. If you buy a dirt cheap printer, they usually use low yield inks, and yes they're a rip off. So buy something decent that uses the high yield inks. The cost of the inks is more but you get a lot more printing out of them.

For example, the HP Officejet 6820 uses the HP 950/951 cartridges which average 2000-2500 pages per cartridge. A full set will cost you around $150, but that's pretty cheap in terms of cost per page. And you can pick the printer up for less than $200 usually.

In comparison, a lot of the cheaper HP printers use the 60/61 cartridges which cost $55 but print less than 200 pages.

The other option is stick to a Brother mono laser, cost per page is far cheaper than most inkets.

pcmaster, Apr 23, 10:51pm
"buy a laser" is all well and good, but drum units are a little pricey when it comes to replacing those, was quoted between $90 and $120 for the one i need, pretty steep considering the printer cost me nothing, toner prices are slightly more reasonable though

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 10:56pm
The drum units should only need to be replaced every 10,000 pages or so (depending on printer). most home users wouldn't do that in years, so it's not too bad.

rz_zone, Apr 24, 12:09am
I have a 10 year old HP laser, still runs like new.
Toner cartridge (aftermarket) is only about $20 on trademe.
Get a high yield printer and you save in the long run.
Mines rated at up to 2000 pages yield, but I have gotten about double of that at least.

I also have a all in one inkjet, but the scanner is the only thing that gets used on it lol And keep in mind, inkjet is not only expensive in ink cartridges, but also very high maintenance.

suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 12:28am
How so? I've never had to maintain any ink jet I've owned

russell.s.c, Apr 24, 5:21am
Not at the link I provided.

mrfxit, Jan 19, 7:59am
Thats FOUR box's of paper.
Thats a lot of printing for home usage.
Wear on the printer partly depends on regularity of printing & how much is done at any 1 time

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