Is 650 Watt Enermax good enough for 8 core AMD?

kiwikidd77, Feb 15, 11:59pm
Currently running Enermax (ENG650AGT) 650W ATX PSU 87%/90%/87% MEPS compliant Efficiency, Full range, APFC, Native cables. PSU in my AMD 2 Core computer and looking to go to an 8 core with 16 Gb DDR3 RAM. will the PSU need upgrading or will it be OK?

Thanks in advance.

black-heart, Feb 16, 12:08am
Do you have a graphics card ? otherwise anything over 400watts is just unused potential.

kiwikidd77, Feb 16, 12:21am
Will be adding one later. but for now the onboard one will do fine.

Likely this Graphic card. 2GB GDDR5 Sapphire AMD R9-270 Dual-X Graphics Card

Thanks for your comments black-heart.

schizoid, Feb 16, 12:47am
much more than enough.

lugee, Feb 16, 12:50am
650w is plenty for any CPU plus any single GPU graphics card, as long as it's quality. Quality is reasonable in this case, so go nuts.

honeysacat, Aug 2, 5:17am
I have been running a similar system (power consumption wise) on a 400Watt supply.
Its been going for the last 5 years and hasn't popped yet!

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