Bulk txt

blans, May 10, 10:25am
Whats the best way to send free bulk txt messges to club members

wayne416, May 10, 12:13pm
Depends how many club members. Just add the contacts you want to receive it and send. If you have unlimited text plan it might work.

hapukanz, May 10, 12:19pm
is this a phone text?

blans, May 11, 1:32am
This is phone txt.As my list has grown over 55 now it wont send them all.
I am using Go SMS PRO which is spose to send unlimited numbers

mr-word, May 11, 6:39am
If you have an android phone create a group with your contacts from the club in it.
Go to text messaging Press contacts select the group you created, Select All (contacts), Done.
Type your text message then send.

hapukanz, Dec 4, 2:29pm
Exactly what i was going to propose

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