Sligshot Global Mode contract renewals

Hi - does anyone know what Slingshot (and other relevant ISPs) are offering to compensate for the loss of Global mode?

geek_trade4unme, Aug 11, 10:29 am

Unlikely, given that the it is available for free. There are paid options too (the one i use is about $40 per year). I'd be very surprised if the ISPs changed their pricing.

geek_cafc2012, Aug 11, 11:33 am

I think they offer to waive plan early cancellation fee - if you tell them that you'd signed up because of Global Mode.

A very dodgy and murky thing happened with Slingshot and their cancellation of Global Mode / out of court settlement. Most expert legal opinion was that what they were doing was perfectly legal under existing law - they would have won.

I'd bet that the likes of SkyTV in NZ, Newscorp in Aus etc will be lobbying their @rses off to get ISP level blocking of VPN services enforced in this part of the world. If they do, then we'll take a giant step backward to join communist China, Iran etc - all for the sake of preserving monopolies who were at risk of losing profit because technology bypassed any future need for their services - they're behaving just like horse-sh*t traders when people started driving cars. Unfortunately they have the ears of a few bent politicians, and the print/web/TV news media under the thumb.

geek_mm12345, Aug 11, 1:18 pm

Think that you are spot on about that - good points - thanks.

geek_trade4unme, Aug 12, 12:49 pm

The issue with Global Mode was the timing. Callplus were about to be sold to M2 in Australia, so TVNZ/Sky/Spark took advantage of this pending sale to try a sue them. The sale couldn't go ahead while there was an unsettled court case, so Callplus pulled Global Mode to allow the sale.

geek_d.snell, Aug 12, 1:35 pm

Ironically they have released the identical global mode via ISPs now in Oz, so will be interesting to see what happens.

geek_juliew3, Feb 22, 4:06 am

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